Sunday, January 2, 2011

Favorite farming spot in Cataclsym

Hey guys this post is being written for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival.  If you are reading this post before Jan 11 then be sure to head over and check out the rest of the posts on Jan 11th here.

So not to throw everyone a complete curve ball but my favorite spot to farm atm will have you going back to Wrath content.  On my server the cost to make a Frostweave Bag has finally caught back up with the new price.  As of this post bags are still selling for 150g to 170g each on my server and I can easily sell 20 a day with minimal reposting.  The Problem as most know from Wrath is that to make one bag I need 3 stacks of Frostweave Cloth and 12 Infinite Dust.  Infinite Dust is still very easy to come by but the Frostweave Cloth is starting to become scarce and what is on the AH is priced at 40g a stack.  (This pricing issue is heavily server dependent.)

To remedy this I started making a few trips over to Northrend asking in area chat if anyone wanted to sell me Frostweave Cloth.  This works but I got other offers while I was searching for cloth.  I was offered 200g a run to run someone through Utgarde Pinnacle.

Long Story short I walked out of that first run with 7 stacks of cloth and about 20g richer from mobs.  After a second run in which I obtained another 7 stacks and about 20g my friend called it quits and left.  I then ran it twice more Averaging 7stacks of cloth a run and picking up my own drops I averaged 7 greens and 85g in gold and vendor trash.

Now I was doing these runs on my Tailor and so Northrend scavenging was active.  Also I'm sure many others could point out better spots to farm cloth but this instance provided 2 things essential to keep me interested.  The first is no competition.  Only an instance can truly provide this as anywhere profitable to farm will eventually attract others.  The second is some form of challenge.  Utgarde Pinnacle proved to be a challenge at points and when it got to easy I would increase the size of the pull to increase the challenge.  Now a plate class may find it no challenge at all but as a Frost Mage I can be quickly overwhelmed if I do not keep control of the group I'm fighting.  All in all I Averaged 87g in vendor trash, 6-7 greens to DE, and 7.5 stacks of cloth.  With the lowest amount I've pulled out being 6 stacks and the highest being 10 and a half.

Now this spot may not provide the greatest gold per hour potential but it provided me both a measurable benefit gold wise and challenge/fun wise.  I've since started looking at other Wrath dungeons for another challenge but have yet to find one as fun or as profitable.  I know I have been a bit long winded in this post but my main point is mindless farming is annoying to do and quite frankly is hated by a lot of people.  If you are one of those people perhaps you could do something similar to this and even if it isn't the most efficient solution to your problem other things like the challenge may prove to make the trip more valuable overall.


  1. Awesome idea. And you are spot on about fun--farming is drudgery imho. Adding the challenge of an instance makes it more bearable.

    My server's Frostweave is similarly priced at 30-40g/stack, and the bags are stabilizing around 170g. Not sure I could sell 20 a day but I sell 5 or so with no problem.

  2. Good idea! I don't have a tailor (yet), but farming LK instances seems like a fun plan. Are you running them on Heroic, or regular? Either way, if a squishy mage can do it, I'm sure my enh shammy can too :) Thanks for the tip!

  3. Don't forget the Books of Glyph Mastery that sometimes drop from NR instances. They are much more rare now that LK is old. Inscriptionists *need* about 37+ to learn all the glyphs, so you know they'll pay through the nose for them!

  4. My servers frostweave is a little underpriced at 20-25g/stack, but the bags ar right up ~200g. I'm not sure how many i Could sell, looks like a ton of competition on my server.

    Thanks for the tip!s

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