Friday, December 10, 2010

Farming Volatiles

So I have been searching around and have yet to find a decent spot to farm any single Volatile.  So it seems gathering professions are going to be able to continue to control this market as well.  This may not seem like such a big deal to some, but there are others out there without skinning, mining, or herbalism who enjoy mindless hours of grinding groups of mobs for items.  Yes there are mobs that drop the volatiles but with the amount different professions take this method would just be too time consuming to get a suitable amount.

Another issue I already see people attributing these closer to eternals than their crystallized versions and thus the prices stay insanely high.  I do believe prices will come down but when you think about it should it cost me 600g in volatiles to make one darkmoon card?  Add on top of that the Herbs to make the inks and you are spending over 10k per deck on average.  These prices will slowly come down but until then we only have 3 choices.  Shut up and deal with the prices.  Stop playing in that market for a while.  Or go farming.

I say go farming.  Go explore the new zones with a different eye looking at everything you can and wondering "how can I make a profit off this?"  Right now standing in Stormwind or Orgrimmar is the last thing you want to be doing.  Go enjoy the game you will have plenty of time to spend hours figuring out what to mass craft for profit later when prices slowly come down.

A note for those of you who mine and herb on PvE servers.  If your gatherer is 85 you can go to Tol Barad and gather.  When you are on the northern PvP side you are not flagged unless there is a battle or you attack a guard.  On this side I noticed many nodes for both mining and herbing with minimal mobs.  While you  cannot fly in this area if you are subject to a lot of competition for nodes on your server you may want to give this zone a shot.


  1. The best place i came across was the AH. I set up my search and been buying all the volatiles under ten and waiting for the price to spike. It has been working well usually hitting 4-9 gold per one.

  2. I agree in the beginning of cata and until now the down and upswings are outrageous I was buying all volatiles for 5-10g and sold them all friday morning for 50-100g each. But farming Twilight highlands is the best bet in a couple hours i can farm around 20 stacks of elementium 2-3 stacks of pyrite and a stack of each volatile except air and life.