Monday, December 13, 2010

LF Rougue to farm lock boxes!

So as a Scribe I have continued up until this point to make a lot of gold off Glyphs.  I also started making as many other items as I could (All of them listed here).  Due the the limited herbs and volatile life I spent the first few days focusing on Darkmoon Cards as the faire was still in town and I was able to create a total of 4 decks.  Even choosing to use one for myself I still made great profit as I was able to sell the other 3 for 50k a piece.  With the faire gone, however, I decided to start making relics again as the first few I made sold quickly.  There was however one small issue.

The 85 relics require one of 3 reagents that are sold by a vendor in limited quantity.  With the new mentality of people realizing they can resell these for profit many players are grabbing these as they quest through Twilight highlands.  After trying to catch them on the vendor myself at 4 different times I decided to go looking for a secondary way to obtain them.

Low and behold according to Wowhead all the items I need have a chance to come from a Flame-Scarred Junkbox.  Now these junkboxes are impossible for most people to farm as the only way to obtain them is through Pick pocket.  Now finding a rogue to go out and actively farm these for you would not be a good idea as they will demand a high price for them.  Instead look for alternatives.  I went around to different zones asking general chat if there were any Rogues attempting to farm the few Epics that also drop from the lock boxes.  Once I found one I would offer them a deal to CoD the reagents I wanted.  By finding someone already farming these lockboxes I am able to keep my cost down and at the same time the rouge farming them has a bit more incentive as he now has the bonus of extra gold if he finds what I want.

So far this way I have managed to obtain 25 reagents that according to prices on the AH are worth  about 25k.  (yes my server is insane and has people listing them for 1k each).  This is just one of several ways you can get creative in your gold making.  And lets face it without continuously looking for ways to squeeze more gold out of the Auctionhouse  eventually we are going to get bored with it.


  1. Good information....I might have to dust off my rogue and go do a little "picking"....too bad they just nerfed one area.

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  2. Great Info - I had no idea that Epics dropped from lockboxes!

  3. this is good news for my rogue who took inscription