Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inscription: Potential Cataclysm Goldmines.

Thinking about dropping inscription? Don't! While it may seem scribes are getting the shaft they are in fact getting new ways to make gold.  After the rush of worgens and goblins is over your scribe will not be making as much off glyphs and over all they may not be able to pull the same kind of gold they use to I still believe the profession will hold its own in the gold department. For the sake of this post I'm going to assume you will still be crafting a posting glyphs. If time is a factor just identify the glyphs that sell most often for each class and only focus on those.

Outside of glyphs Scribes will see a good amount of early gold from the offhands and relics they can make. While some of the 81 offhands and relics will see I again believe it will be a week or 2 before these are worth selling. The 85 versions however will be very popular.
For the offhands the Battle Tome will be a must have for entry PvP.  I would expect these to sell well to PvE players as well as they try to get into Baradin Hold (the new VoA).  Of course for PvE there is a Healing and a DPS offhand.
There is one issue with the relics I noticed.  But this issue may prove to only drive sales further.  The Tattooed Eyeball is Epic while the Notched Jawbone and Silver Inlaid Leaf are rare.  While all 3 will be in demand by anyone needing a relic at level 85, Obviously the Epic fever will make the Tattooed Eyeball sell for more and more often.

Like Wrath I expect the new Darkmoon cards to sell for a LOT and to sell well into Cataclysm. Hurricane has both an Agi and Str version. The healing card Tsunami will provide a great mana regen boost.  Earthquake will benefit all tanks but possibly Bears the most.  Volcano however will its 1600 intellect proc will probably be the most sought after and will in my opinion bring the highest amount.

In the consumable department I expect Runescroll of Fortitude II to do fairly well though it will not be a huge money maker.  Also the next two items are nice items to level inscription with but I believe have the potential to make a great amount of gold. The Adventurer's Journals I believe will be snatched up by people attempting to speed up their leveling as much as possible.  One of the possible buffs is 10% bonus quest XP.  The rest of the buffs are not as much of a bonus but will still help you quest a bit faster.  The only issue with this item is it only appears to work on people under 85 and has a 4 hour cool down and the buffs only last 1 hour.
On a completely different twist Blizzard has given scribes the ability to profit off of others with a gambling addiction. The Mysterious Fortune Card I believe will prove to be a huge hit.  People will buy a bunch of these off you on the AH and use them immediatly.  Either they will win and buy more to try their luck again or they will lose and come back for more with "the the next one is a winner" mentality.  The only issue here is going to be maintaining a price low enough to encourage people to buy in MASS.  I think this will be a huge hit once herb prices come down and people start to look for other things to do to occupy bits of time in the game.  Another note on these is they are needed by cooks to make Fortune Cookies.  The buff provided by these cookies is equivalent to the new fish feast and my prove very valuable until guilds fish enough to obtain the feast.

The last item is a little iffy Dust of Disappearance.  While yes it is on a vendor I do believe eventually scribes will be able to craft it for under the 9g or so the price will fall to with guild perks.  The only issue here is if you can craft it for say 6g and sell it for 7 to 8g your only making 1.6g tops.  You will most likely be able to sell it for 9 to 10g to sucker, however, I do not believe there will be enough demand or potential profit to make this item worth your time.

On Friday I will continue this with Jewelcrafting.  I will be unable to post for the next two days as I'm going to stay with my grandfather to help him through his next few days of treatment.  Be sure to check out the Blogging Carnival over at JMTC on December 2nd.

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  1. This is probably the most money making profession from what I hear yet it is the only one I have not mastered...I will be spending some time working this end over the weekend...thanks for the post.