Friday, December 3, 2010

Jewelcrafting: Potential Cataclysm Goldmines.

Jewelcrafting, smiler to Enchanting, will find certain gems to remain highly profitable throughout the expansion.  However unlike Enchanting Jewelcrafting offers several other items as well as other ways to make more gold early on in the expansion.  Just like in Wrath Jewelcrafting will require you to do dailies to obtain all the cut you want.  You can use this to your advantage as many people will be looking to grab the main cuts first thinking these will be the most profitable early on.

 Many people will find themselves in need of hit, expertise, and other "off" stats.  Along the same lines people will try to obtain socket bonuses and will be looking for off cuts to fill the less desirable slots.  I would suggest picking up an off cut or two before grabbing the main cuts.  Plus if your looking for the main cuts for your own use I'm sure a guild buddy has the cut your looking for.  A few examples of cuts that will do well are

Nimble Dream EmeraldGuardian's Demonseye, and Polished Ember Topaz for tanks.  I'll let you figure out the rest but popularity will be along the same lines as Wrath.  Though I would expect the Mastery cuts such as Skillful Ember Topaz to become very profitable at some point.

Jewelers have been given 4 new items that will be popular with bank alts and people who collect various vanity items.  The Rhinestone Sunglasses, Jeweler's Ruby Monocle, Jeweler's Sapphire Monocle, and Jeweler's Emerald Monocle.  The sunglasses are the new version of the Ruby Shades.  The monocle which are dropped patterns, if I'm not mistaken, cost more to make but will draw the same attention.  The monocles are the smiler to the Nobel's Monocle but each will have the lens its own respective color.  These will not be items worth spamming on the Auction house but when I obtain them I plan on keeping at least on of each up.  

Lastly in the jewelers new Arsenal is jewelry.  The level 85 rings and necks may not prove to be as popular as other crafted armor pieces but I do believe for a good bit into cataclysm you will find them selling often enough to raiders filling that last whole or altoholics gearing up an alt since they don't have the time to grind dungeons.  As you would expect there are Agi Hit, Agi Mastery, Tank, and Int rings.   Respectivbely there are Agi Mastery, Agi Str, Tank, and Int necks.  It does seem odd there are no Str Dps rings or necks.  This may be an error as one of the Agi necks has a socket bonus of Str.  Also the tool tip for the item it creates shows it has an Agi bonus.

There are a few level 80 and 82 rings, and necks.  These will prove not to be profitable but will provide great skillups and for a good time into cataclysm may prove to be the new "saronite shuffle" fodder.  However only after someone is able to crunch the disenchanting numbers on these items will we know for sure.

Well that's it for Jewelcrafting.  Tomorrow I move to Leatherworking.  I hope your last minute stockpiling is going as well as mine has been.  Glyphs still have proven to be my biggest seller.  I expect this to continue until December 7th when the glyph market (save people who choose to completely reroll Worgen or Goblins off the bat) will see a recession that has the potential of lasting few weeks till a month.  While it may never completely recover to its old self I still expect to see plenty of glyph sales throughout Cataclysm.

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