Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gone Fishing!

Well sorry for the lack of posts the past few days but I have been a bit under the weather and at the same time have been wracking my brain looking for things to talk about that are not already being shared among all the gold blogs out there.  There is however one item in particular I ran into that after skipping hundreds of times in Tol Barad I can say I will almost never skip again.  The item I am talking about is Sealed Crate.  This item is fished out of Shipwreck Debris and I believe it is only available in Tol Barad.  Now what makes this crate so much better than the rest is the goodies that come out of it.

The Reinforced Crate of Wrath wasn't all that great.  It randomly came out of any pool and dropped a low number of materials out of each one.  It was hard to farm and not worth the time.  However fishermen now have a great way to boost gold per hour or material farming.  The Sealed Crate is so great because it can drop almost any Cataclysm material needed.  One notable absence is Savage Leather,  although many will see the fact that it drops Heavy Savage Leather as a better prospect.  It also drops high end vendor food.  So if you use this food to restore HP or mana you may not need to buy any ever again.  Another notable drop is the full range of Rumsey Rums that drop.  The one that will be most profitable as it is desirable by twinks is the Rumsy Rum Black Label.  Just under this you still may be able to sell Rumsey Rum and Rumsey Rum Dark, although I wouldn't not expect these to sell as often or for as much.

Also there may prove to be more exciting drops that come out of this crate but at this time neither Wowhead nor I have seen any.  I cannot say these crates are worth farming for any one item but if you happen on a shipwreck debris be sure and fish it.  The extra time fishing these would take is well worth the possibilities that come out of this crate.


  1. This item may be attuned to your profession. I get embersilk cloth from it. I've only fished up 3 but that was my experience.

  2. Embersilk seems to have a larger drop rate than the other materials, but as I said this is a great addition when doing your dailies or when choosing where to fish to help your guild toward the achivement.