Monday, December 6, 2010

Tailoring: Potential Cataclysm Goldmines.

Tailoring.  While still similar in nature to previous expansions it has one major change that will prove challenging to anyone wanting to fully utilize all aspects of it to make gold.  I am of course speaking of Dreamcloth.  Unlike before there is only 1 specialty cloth.  Also unlike before this specialty cloth is BoP.  With out utilizing Dream of Destruction, which is the only way to create it without a cool down,  there are only 5 ways to make dream cloth which have a week cooldown associated with them.  This means either spamming Heroics for Chaos orbs as they are BoP as well or limiting yourself to 5 Dreamcloth a week.

The different dreamcloth patterns are Dream of Azshara, Deepholm, Hyjal, Ragnaros, and Skywall.  These are all on seperate 1 week cooldowns.

Now the Dreamcloth is needed for both the Epic gear and the spell threads.  This will make both of them very expensive at first and they will retain their high profit margins for a long time.  Now it is needed to be noted that there are no other tailoring recipes that require Chaos Orbs so you will be using them to make dreamcloth.  You will still be limited and without a second tailor you will want to choose to focus on either gear or spell threads. 

Spell threads just like the leg armors are in both rare and epic quality.  The spirit spell threads may prove to be popular with both healers and their dps specs which are capable of turning spirit into another stat.  The are the  Ghostly Spellthread and the Powerful Ghostly Spellthread.  Wile Mages, Warlocks, and possibly PvP casters will choose the stamina spell threads instead.  Those being the Enchanted Spellthread and Powerful Enchanted Spellthread.

The other option for your dreamcloth is the epic Belt and Leg pieces.  The belts come in Spirit for healers and Hit for Dps and require 4 dreamcloth each.  The Legs however do not have a definitive healer or dps and instead there are Haste and Mastery legs.  The legs also cost 6 dream cloth so without using the dream of destruction it you would only be able to craft one after doing a second week of dreamcloth creation.

My plan is to eventually level a second tailor so I can make spellthreads with one and epic gear with the second but until then I will probably focus on spellthreads as I believe early on there will be more going after the gear them selves.

Tailoring does provide many other opportunities to make gold as well with a major one being bags.  The new major bag is the Embersilk bag and it provides 22 slots.  There is also a 24 slot bag in the Illusionary bag but I believe your dream cloth is best utilized somewhere else.  Also there are two new profession bags which provide 36 slots each.  The new Herb bag Hyjal Expedition Bag I believe will be very popular with herbalists but the Enchanting bag Otherworldly Bag I'm not sold on yet but will still provide some profit.

For the PvP enthusiasts we will be able to craft two new sets of PvP gear.  The Emberfire set is geared more toward healers but there are a few pieces with Haste rating instead of spirit and these may sell to people speced to benefit more form Haste.  The Fireweave set is geared toward DPS specs but healers with enough haste may wish for some of the crit pieces as well.  All in all these will be quick sells to those looking to get into Arena and Rated BGs as soon as they start.

As for leveling gear.  I cannot see any specific pieces that will prove to be profitable as of yet but as we are able to note holes in the quest rewards a few of the healing oriented Spiritmend set and the dps oriented Deathsilk set may prove to become popular.

On the Vanity side of things we have the High Society Top Hat and the Black Embersilk Gown.  I can see the top hat becoming very popular as it is the only way for non worgens to obtain the top hat. (Worgen get one as a starting zone quest reward).  The gown, however,  I do not believe will be as popular.  Unless you are on an RP server the only people wanting these will be collectors and female bank toons.  While this may sound like it still provides a good amount of opportunity they are the only other Tailoring pattern that requires a chaos orb and unless you do not wish to push out as much dream cloth as possible I don't think these will be worth it.

Well that is it for Tailoring.  I'm sorry if you were expecting this yesterday.  I thought it had posted but there was an error somewhere along the way and it failed to post.  I will however also be putting out the last post in this series, Enchanting and all the gathering professions, in just a bit. 

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