Sunday, December 12, 2010

PvP sets: Now is the time.

The new Arena and Rated BG season begins on the 14th.  For those who do not PvP this is still exciting news as we can use this to profit with professions.  Blacksmithing, Tailoring, and Leatherworking all can create full sets of PvP gear.  In addition to this Inscription can make a PvP off hand.

Now if you have not had a ton of luck selling this gear you will see a change in the next few days.  Slowly people will once again realize they need PvP gear so that they may obtain better PvP gear at a quick enough pace.  In the past only hardcore arena teams would bother to obtain starting PvP gear as quickly as they could.  With the new Rated Battlegrounds, however, more people will be looking to get a hold of this crafted gear.  These people will not have the same mindset as the true Arena players and will wait until after they realize they need the PvP gear to actually obtain it.  I expect the number of items sold will continue to grow for a few weeks into the season.  Only once people are replacing a significant number of pieces with Arena point and honor point gear will we see sales slowly degrade.

Step 1: post crafted gear
Step 2: ??????
Step 3: Profit


  1. Aye, I've been selling a few of both tailoring sets the last couple of days, averaging around 250g profit per item, and I only expect to sell more of them over the coming few weeks.

  2. Are u seeing any new Twink gear that we should be looking for?