Sunday, December 26, 2010

Squeezing All The Juice Out of The Feast of Winter Veil

By now you have sold small eggs and possibly sold milk and cookies as well.  If you have a tailor or leather worker you had the opportunity to make parts of the Winter Garb set and profit off them.  Now, however,  you find the gold you made at the start of this holiday is all but a trickle of its former self.  Also with Christmas yesterday and continuing family gatherings through New Years many of us find little time to escape from our families long enough to play WoW for any long stretch of time.  So what should I be doing with my limited time on the auction house?  Invest!

The Winter Veil presents present us with a huge opportunity.  There are several recipes and pets of which are only obtainable during this time of year.  The recipes do have a couple opportunities to be found but the companion pets are where the real gold is made from this part of the holiday.  Each toon lvl 20 or above is able to loot 1 Gaily Wrapped Present from under the Winter Veil Tree.  This will contain one of four pets.  The Green Helper Box, Red Helper Box, Jingling Bell, or the Snowman Kit.  These can be traded and so many players who do not care to collect such items will throw them onto the AH for a quick buck.  What they fail to realize is that holding onto them for just a few months will cause them to appreciate in value anywhere from 100g to 500g a piece depending on the server.

Currently I am snapping up any that are posted below 50g and I have obtained quite a few for 15g or under.  My reasoning for setting my snatch price low is that the price may not recover as high this year as a lot of toons have most of these pets from last year and at the same time there are more players playing the AH now than last year.  I still know that these pets will go up in price the only issue is as to how far they will go up.

Also you should still be on the look out for the recipes that are only available this time of year.  There are of course the vendor patterns Red Winter Clothes, Green Winter Clothes, and Winter Boots.  Stocking up on these will bring in a little gold through out the year, with better success if you focus on the clothing pattern from the opposing faction.  Then there is Preserved Holly.  I failed to stock up last time but had great success of flipping this item.  People get bored and look for little things to have fun with in the game.  Thats what makes these such a hit.  You also should be on the lookout for the items that come out of the Smokywood Pastures Special Gift and the Ticking Present.

Most of the items you want to look for can be obtained from both.  There are however 2 that can only be obtained from the Special Gift and requires the Winter Veil quest chain completed to obtain it.  These two are Pattern: Gloves of the Greatfather and Formula: Enchant Weapon - Winter's Might.  While every item will sell all be it slowly you will see a higher number of the others on the AH and thus prices will stay fairly low on most of them.  These two however will rise higher in price as their supply will diminish more quickly.

So if your finding yourself with minimal play time until after the new year the least you could be doing is investing in these items that will provide a nice added income throughout the year.

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