Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Go Mining!

So I did the marathon grind to 85.  I didn't however claim realm first anything.  One thing I did notice however was the scarcity of volatile drops.  While there may still yet be a few great spots to grind these they did not show up during my questing.  Mining by far provides the best way to obtain many of them at the moment.  Also these are supposed to be more equivalent to crystallized instead of eternals and yet each one is going for a lot more at the moment.

Personally I have a guildie that doesn't care about gold at all farming ore for me.  This does mean I'll be a bit indebted to him if he needs a piece of gear but hey I'm getting really cheap mats to level with.  Because of this I'm going herbing.  My plan is to sell half of what I gather in herbs but keep all the volatile life.  I'm pushing to sell the new DMF cards as fast as possible.

Well that is it for today.  Unless I manage to find something note worthy at which time I will be making another short post about it.


  1. Lots of Volatile Fire/Water/Earth come from mining. Will be interesting to see where prices settle on them given that they aren't equivalent to Eternal/Primal from the past two expansion in that there aren't Crystallized/Mote pieces to put together.

  2. Wondering if anyone found some good places to mine...herbing is easier where I am but making a killing on any ore I find.