Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lets take a small step back.

Okay so Cataclysm is in full swing and many auctioneers have their focus on making gold with all the new materials and craftables.  Even the ones who stockpiled Wrath materials to sell for profit in Cataclysm are missing a great opportunity to cash in on.  With material prices still high many players are turning the clock back to Wrath in order to achieve as many skill ups as possible.  This gives us a great opportunity to grab some quick profit.

My server currently has a price of saronite bars priced around 150g and ore priced around 20g.  Also there are 3 to 4 pages of ore but only 1 page of bars up.    While this price difference would normally be quick to right itself with all the focus still being on Cataclysm and only a few people actively trading in Wrath materials at this point has left us with this opening to take advantage of.  Now personally I am using my cheap stockpile of Saronite ore and in small batches turning them into bars and then selling them in stacks of both 5 and 10.  I was able to obtain my saronite ore at less than 12.5g a stack and so if it does fail to sell I could vendor it for only a very minor loss of my AH deposit cost.

Other items I have found many people ignore completely now are as follows.  Frozen Orbs, Cobalt Bars, Crystallized Earth, Bloodstone, Chalcedony, Huge Citrine, and Sun Crystals.

No one wants to take that "long" trip back to Dalaran to make a visit to Frozo the Renowned and so when people clean out alts they are putting these on the auction house at record lows.  While at the same time Eternals are still holding value and sell even if they are selling at a reduced rate.  They still sell often enough to make a good deal off trading the orbs in.

Just like saronite, cobalt has proved to continue being a good option for a quick flip.  Lots of ore seems to go up daily and yet the number of bars stays low.  I have been buying more cobalt than I care to try and flip at once and so I started making Cobalt tanking sets again.  I don't sell near the number of pieces I was just before the Cataclysm drop but combined with the rise in price on them I'm making about the same gold per week for the 5 to 7 min I actually deal with them. 

The last several many of you may recognize.  These are needed to make the cheap necks and rings many people used to profit off of using the saronite shuffle.  You still need to make these to level jewel crafting from 350 to 400 and can still use them after for a bit.  With the gems you either need to already have them stockpiled  or you can prospect some cheap saronite.  As for the crystallized earth all you need to do is buy out some eternal earth if it is low enough.

As you can see nothing here is a new idea.  Also over time these markets will become slower and more competition will try and move in.  However those of us who started with a wide eye on the auction house are able to supply a market many people have abandoned and will continue to overlook until much later in the expansion.  I'm not saying to dump entire stockpiles now but don't hesitate to take advantage of these opportunities.

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