Monday, December 6, 2010

Enchanting and the rest: Potential Cataclysm Goldmines.

I skipped over Enchanting before because to much of the professions relies on hardcore players crunching numbers and telling everyone else what enchants they should be getting.  I still am not going to go through the entire profession as this is still true but there are two items I did want to talk about.  Enchanting has been given a toy of sorts in the two new mini pets.  Enchanted Lantern for Horde and Magic Lamp for Alliance.

Yes these will probably flood your Auction house quickly and after the first wave of people getting them they will fail to be a constant money maker on your factions side.  You can, however, sell the pets cross faction and if you are able to do so you could potentially make a great profit from these.  Those buying and selling turny pets cross faction can tell you that the profit from items like these is crazy.

Now for those of you planning to gather and profit off the people going for profession server firsts I do have some notes for you.

Make sure you get the first batch to the Auction House early.  The earlier you get them there the better you can control pricing on these items.  I would find a price you believe people will pay and double it.  This will give you room so even if your first batch is undercut your still above your actual selling point when you come back to post new batches.  Also if you are one of the few who does not have a set bank alt I would suggest you set one up now or clean out on of your alt's bags and put him next to the AH mailbox.  Also if you wish to set up item sets for auto mailing with APM or another addon the items you will be gathering are as follows.  (I am including Bars for Mining as some miners may wish to smelt to increase the diversity of their sales.)

Herbalism: Heartblossom, Azshara's Vale, Stormvine, Cinderbloom, and Volatile Life

Mining: Obsidium ore, Obsidium Bar, Elementium Ore, Elementium Bar, Hardened Elementium Bar, Elementium Geode, Pyrite ore, Pyrite Bar, Volatile Fire, Volatile Water, Volatile Earth, and Volatile Shadow.

Skinning: Savage Leather, Blackened Dragonscale, Deepsea Scale, and Pristine Hide

Also if your gatherer is also a Engineer you may want to consider creating an Electrostatic Condenser so you can also farm Volatile Air as well.

One thing you may have noticed is the Elementium Geode.  This guy is potentially mined off Elementium veins and being BoE he will make a few miners very happy.  For a while this guy will prove to be very rare and thus will fetch a high price off of the AH.  Also with mining the Hardened Elementium Bar may seem like the new Titansteel but it is not.  It is however used in Engineering and Blacksmithing in conjunction with the new Titansteel, Truegold.

Well this is it before Cataclysm goes live.  Don't expect a major post tomorrow as I will be attempting a server first achievement.  If I find a bit of time I will make a short post of anything I find that is note worthy.  Thanks for reading this series I hope it has helped a few of you figure out your attack plan for professions going into Cataclysm.  Goodluck in your gold making endeavors and I will see you on the other side.. (and the other side is full of even bigger swimming pools filled with gold)

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