Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey Break.

Hey just wanted to let you all know I'm not giving up already.  I will however not be posting for the next couple days as I will not have time to myself for the next couple days.

Just a few notes from the bit of playing time I got in today.
I hope everyone changed their Ink of the Sea because Sellers is now trading for Blackfallow.  If you haven't don't sell your IotS off as you will use it, just not as fast.  If you did change all your ink keep an eye out for cheap herbs.  People will start dumping stock and even with a few people attempting to drive prices up the prices will fall to record low prices.  On a smiler note keep an eye on prices of any Northrend Mats you are stocking as the same is likely with them as well.

If you do cooking for any reason be sure to check out the new cooking dailies.  In Stormwind he is located near the stockades.  Not sure for Horde.  I don't know if he has different Dailies available yet but the one he had me do consisted of fishing for 5 min in Stormwind to obtain some special fish.  This daily gives Cooking tokens which are useless until December 7th but at the same time you can start stocking up on them immediately and be able to buy that many more recipes.

Also for those that like to be as prepared as possible the level 85 Justice Points gear is available for purchase.  This gear is equivalent to 85 Heroic loot and will allow you to enjoy the end game that much faster.

Thats it for a few days.  I'll be back this weekend and will be exploring possible goldmines within each of the professions come cata.

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  1. Glad you changed the colors to be more convenient to read. Now there's still the fixed background that's a bit irritating, but nothing one couldn't work on! :) Or is this new? I'm not sure!

    On topic: I strongly advise against collecting Justice Points (or honor points, respectively) for Cataclysm now. Reasons:

    1. You'll get much more of them on level 85. I've read about needing 18 level 80 heroic bosses for something, and then needing only 4 on level 85.

    2. You cannot buy level 85 gear before actually reaching level 85.