Saturday, November 20, 2010

How easy can it get?

So if your anything like me you keep anything and everything of value and sell it only when it makes you the most gold. As may be true on other servers one of the hardest items to sell at times is Chilled Meat.

Well all that is changing with Pilgrim's Bounty which starts here in a few hours. The Holiday itself doesn't require chilled meat but it does give everyone the opportunity to level cooking to 350. Many people will continue to level cooking after and the easiest thing to make is Northern Stew. The only ingredient for these is Chilled Meat. Now for those who didn't know about this opportunity already it may be to late to raid your Auction House for cheap Chilled Meat. If you do not happen to be one of the people who refuses to farm the Gorillas in Sholazar Basin provide the best opportunity.

It isn't too late to stock up for Winter Vail however. Wile this holiday may receive some changes I'm guessing most of it will still be the same. The main item you will want to stock up on is small eggs. These are needed to make Gingerbread Cookies. Next you would want to stock up on the different materials to make the Winter Garb pieces.  I'm going to just list the Green recipes but the items are the same for the Red as well.
Tailors: Pattern: Green Winter Clothes
Leather Workers: Pattern: Winter Boots

Also Winter Vail may provide you with an opportunity to stock up on some limited recipes that you may be able to sell to collectors and completionists a few months down the road.  People completing the quest chain will receive Smokywood Pastures Special Gift.  A number of items can be looted all of which can and will be sold on the Auction House.  These Items will tank in price during the Holiday and easily be snatched up at minimum prices allowing substantial room for markup down the road.  Wile I wouldn't suggest stockpiling a ton of these if the prices do manage to dip low enough on your server feel free to go nuts as these may pay off down the road if a Goblin or Worgen created after Winter Veil wants some of these items for themselves.

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  1. Think about selling Outland vendor recipes and the respective meat as well.

    I could sell them for up to 50g each (1g vendor price mostly), since not everyone is leveling straight to 350 with the Turkey recipe.