Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What are you doing to get ready for Cata?

Well if you are someone who likes to play the Auction House your answer better not be nothing.  On the other side you better not be blindly stocking up on anything and everything without reason.  Once you have your reasons you need to keep those feelers on the ground in case it turns out Blizzard in a personal vendetta decides to make what your stockpiling useless.

Yes I got bit by the Razzashi Hatchling bug.  If you thought about stocking up on these I'm sure you are relieved you didn't with the news they will make a return in Cata.  For those who did buy them I wouldn't liquidate your stock just yet.

These pets are known to be returning and may at bare minimum become a very rare drop and become worth some coin further into the expansion.  Another possibility is they will become a reward from a rare puzzle with Archeology.  This will make any new hatchings BoA as all the rewards from Archeology that are not common in quality are BoA.  If either of these possibilities becomes reality you should be able to make back the gold invested on them at minimum.

Of course there are the people stocking up on Wrath mats wile they are cheap to sell later.  I have stocked up on a few things in mass but have been doing so in areas that provide little to no risk but have the potential to bring in great reward down the road.

The Gnomish Coin has a great post on why you should stock up on Ink of the Sea.  If your not doing this and you have a scribe that generates a good amount of gold for you then you need to start Immediately.  Yes milling the herbs takes a ton of time but you can cut a lot of the hassle out by using a macro such as.

/cast Milling
/use Adder's Tongue
/use Lichbloom
/use Icethorn
/use Tiger Lily
/use Goldclover
/use Deadnettle
/use Fire Leaf
/use Talandra's Rose

You then put the macro on your bar and you can easily spam one button to convert your herbs to pigment.  This then allows you to do this wile not paying attention.  I just turn on my Bluetooth keyboard and watch TV wile spamming the macro every few seconds and then I take a 20min break wile I craft the inks.  Even if for some reason you cannot manage to sell the snowfall inks to help recover the cost of the herbs you will still be saving yourself gold as down the road Blackfallow Ink will be worth a lot more than Ink of the Sea currently is.

As far as how much you should stock up?  That depends on how much time to have to devote to milling the herbs and how much room you have to store them.  Remember you are going to want to convert a lot of the inks to lesser inks before Cataclysm so you are not converting Blackfallow Ink for as long as possible.  Also the lower herb prices are on your server the more you will want to stock up.  If Adder is still hanging around 20g a stack you will want to stock less as eventually the new herbs will come down in price and selling the new rare Inferno Ink will allow you to obtain Blackfallow ink at an acceptable price for trading again.
I'm going to continue this tomorrow but I'll leave you with a question... Why stock Saronite Ore?

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