Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why Saronite Ore?

So if your the type who has been stockpiling you have no doubt been trying to figure out what and why to stockpile.  Ink of the Sea and the other inks you trade it for are an obvious choice for scribes as their goods are needed by everyone at least once.  Other than the ink what else would be worth our time to stockpile?  Enchanting mats are one possibility but the market on these will be very volatile with the LFD tool and I wouldn't want to sink a ton of gold here only to find the demand more than keeps up with supply.  Basically outside of inscription I don't see any security stockpiling something that doesn't give you more then 1 or 2 options of how you sell off your supply.  So whats this magical item that gives us almost endless possibilities of how we can sell it off?  Well if you read the Title of this post you would know it to be Saronite Ore.

First off look at the price of saronite ore on your server.  It is highly likely there are a large number of posts at 12.5g a stack or less every day.  Now think about this if the price is 12.5g for a stack of ore you could turn these into bars and vendor them for the exact amount you paid.  Therefor any ore you get under this price can be smelted and vendored for pure profit.  Granted you are making very little profit and smelting a considerable number of bars takes time.  The point here is if every other way you can sell the saronite off becomes unprofitable you can simply smelt and recoup your gold spent losing only your time invested.

First there is the ore itself some jewelers will buy stacks to prospect.  Others with miners may buy it to smelt fueling other professions.  Selling off Saronite this way however I don't believe will be the best way as the ones buying it will be the penny pinchers looking to save every copper coin they can and unless you provide them dirt cheap saronite they are likely going to farm saronite for themselves.

Then there are saronite bars.  These bars are needed by blacksmiths, and engineers for skill ups.  They are also going to be very useful to any Alchemist as Transmute Titanium will provide easy skill ups all the way to 425 where Illustrious Grandmaster recipes start.

If you have a Jeweler you also have the option of prospecting and selling off the gems.  Now if you go this route you want to focus on the prices of the uncommon gems primarily the 4 you can craft the cheap rings and necks out of.  Most people power level professions by seeing what they need to make a specific item.  Because of this new Jewelers will look for the gems and not the ore they could prospect them from.  Wile you may have some Alchemists buy a few to transmute Earthsiege Diamonds, not many will bother with these skillups.  Rare gems are also needed to level up jewel crafting and they cutting these will get you to 425.  Another thing to think about here is the fact that every rare cut is a vendor or drop.  The alternative to these cuts is actually more expensive to make as it require the next item on the list.

Titanium Bars.  If you have an Alchemist with a transmute spec you can transmute some of your saronite to titanium bars.  Wile outside of the last few skill ups in jewel crafting and blacksmithing I don't see much use for titanium bars in leveling.  However a blacksmith could continue to use them crafting shield spikes, weapon chains, and of course Titanium rods.  Some people say creating titansteel may be a better bet but as eternal prices come down I'm actually stocking up on cheap titansteel to sell as well.

And lastly would be enchanting mats.  Wile this market is the hardest to predict by having saronite ore stockpiled you will be ready to react if you find this market to be profitable.  Remember the saronite shuffle?  Well I believe it may very well make a small comeback in Cataclysm.  Of course people who level enchanting wile they level that toon will be able to come across almost all the mats they need.  Were targeting the ones who powerlevel a profession later.  Unless they go back and solo instances or grind out quests they had not done yet they will not see near enough mats without hitting the Auction House.

Why not stockpile these specific things instead of keeping the saronite ore?  Sure you could save some room to stockpile additional things but I like the idea that I can easily flex to the market or markets that provide the greatest potential benefit.


  1. I do agree that Saronite is the best thing to collect now. It is also the item I've got the biggest stock piled by now.

    I would be careful with enchanting materials at the very least, and also better buy some more Saronite Ore instead of many Titanium Bars, as they can be turned into Saronite Bar -> Titanium Bar.

    For the same reason stockpiling Saronite Bars is only effective in terms of space.

    PS: I noticed that your font color (black) in the sidebar to the right looks somewhat unfitting on the dark grey background.

    Other than that, this looks promising. Keep it up!
    I'll take a further look as soon as I've got some more spare time - you'll possibly have submitted another posting by then.

  2. Sorry for double commenting, heh. I just noticed that there are more font colors on your site that are plain irritating.

    Comment poster's name, for example, but also 'Home' and 'Subscribe (Atom)' at the bottom of the page, 'Followers' on the right, and one word (well, the 'Blogger' link) in your footer as well. You're not done styling the site, I suppose? :)

  3. I found your site thanks to The Gnomish Coin. Looks like a great start to yet another excellent source for my Warcraft obsession while I'm at work! Good content and regular updates are what make a great blog, and you've obviously got a handle on both of those.

    And your milling macro from a couple days ago just made my week... so simple, yet I never thought of it. Oh how I've hated milling. That macro will keep me grinning for weeks. Thanks!

    I have to second the observations of both Maravec and Vayaz. If you are intentionally spelling "while" incorrectly, then don't let me step on your style! But if not, it's a bit annoying. And dark fonts on dark background are hard on the eyes. Regardless, I'm a subscriber now. Thanks for contributing to the community!

  4. @Vayaz All the tings I have listed in that post are the different things you can get from saronite ore. I'm stockpiling it in place of these other things because depending on what becomes hot I can respond by converting the saronite ore to it.