Monday, November 22, 2010

Cataclysm Stratigies. "The best laid schemes of mice and men"

This post has been submitted to be included in the JMTC Gold Blog Carnival.  Be sure to head on other there December 2nd to check out all the great postings on this months topic. What's your 'Cataclysm Gold Strategy?'

So whats my strategy going into Cataclysm?   On the very basic level my strategy is to continue business as normal.  Sure the items bought and sold will change but I plan to focus on making gold through crafted goods.

What no farming? Well sure I'm a sucker for easy money so I'm sure my Scribe/Herbalist will be selling off a majority of what I manage to farm in the first few weeks.  After the initial boom of raw materials my next focus is becoming as diverse as possible.

This means leveling Alts to get behind the phased wall everyone is talking about.  I don't mind the idea behind this and I love the thought of fewer people with my professions at max level.  The main reason I want to diversify as soon as possible is the flexibility to meet any growing demand, and the ability to ride out low points in one market by focusing on another.  Some people have exact plans as to what items will be the best to focus on come Cataclysm.  Plans such as these, however, scare me.  "The best laid schemes of mice and men, often go awry".  I'm cautious of any plan that doesn't at minimum give a "safe" alternative if the plan proves to be folly.  Take my post on stocking up Saronite Ore for instance.  There you buy something you could just convert and vendor for a small profit.  This is the "safe" alternative.  This strategy looks more promising when you realize all the things you could do to turn an even larger profit.

This flexibility also keeps me from developing tunnel vision.  The fact that I have to keep an eye on every profession I have available means I can't lose myself on that one item that does become amazingly profitable.  This way I am able to benefit from said item wile keeping my eyes open for the next item to pop up.  If I keep my hands in as many cookie jars as possible I will never go without a cookie.  Even when Grandma forgets to make new cookies, and Mom refuses to buy more, I can still get a few from Aunt Cindy.

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