Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reâsons tõ ũsě spečial characters on your Bank alt

I know for some people these characters are annoying as hell, and others who cannot roll a toon without using them in the name.

There are thousands of toons on your server with letters like č è á â é ë ñ õ and others among them. Wile for the most part these cause no issues occasionally someone with these characters can have issues obtaining a party or raid invite without sending a tell to the group or raid leader. The simple fact that people can't type out your name is why you would want your bank toon to have a name like this.... (and I like lists so heres a list of reasons)

  1. They can't friend you as easily... (they can however target you or copy your name if you respond to a random tell)
  2. You can name several bank toons smiler things such as 3 different versions of Glyphman. Competition would possibly think its one toon if the differences are slight enough. SO even if they manage to add one you still have other posting alts they are not tracking.
  3. Doing this adds another step for anyone that wants to know everything about your Bank toons posting habits. As of now a simple search for a toons name on The Undermine Journal will give you a break down of what, when, how many, and how much. Basically giving you the edge needed to wall out and starve your prey. Special characters will only prohibit the lazy people from actually finding you but stopping any is better than none.
Wile it doesn't take long to get the name of a toon with special characters. This simple measure can and will stop the people who don't have the know how or patience to get hold of your name quickly.

There is only one reason I can see to not do this with at least one toon. If you spam trade with WTS or WTB you want to use a name that is easy to remember and easy to type. Many people will see your ad in Trade Chat and log over to a toon that either has the item you want or is in your city and they want to buy from you. You don't want to add any aggravation to them because they are likely to give up just because they can't type your Bank Alt's name.

But to go off on a completely separate tangent The Undermine Journal is a fantastic resource if your server and faction are covered. Once your server has been on it for a couple weeks you can use the data they collect to watch different markets with the same kind of detail as a stock. You can easily identify trends and abnormalities which you can then exploit to make yourself more gold.

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  1. Great start to the blog Dizzy, just one little thing nagging me (and sorry for being a grammar troll!) - you should be using "while" in place of "wile". Keep it up and added you to the blog roll over at FGR